Coffee Drinkers Have Lower Risk of Death from Diabetes, Says Study

If you enjoy your daily cup of Joe, you'll be glad to know that you might be lowering your risk of death. A new study shows coffee may have life-saving benefits.

The Study

The American Heart Association reported a study that said people who drink a moderate amount of coffee every day are less likely to die from heart disease or type 2 diabetes. Natural compounds in coffee beans may provide health perks, whether you drink regular or decaffeinated coffee.

Many coffee drinkers were more likely to smoke and drink alcohol. Benefits are most significant in coffee drinkers who have never smoked.

Data was collected from over 200,000 people in three large studies. Findings were published in 'Circulation.'

Moderation is Key

While some studies have shown coffee consumption to pose certain health risks, the benefits may outweigh the risks for those drinking less than five cups of coffee per day. Coffee may also protect against liber disease, some cancers and Parkinson's disease, according to some other studies.

"Regular consumption of coffee can be included as part of a healthy, balanced diet," said author Frank Hu, M.D. "However, certain populations such as pregnant women and children should be cautious about high caffeine intake from coffee or other beverages."

Photo: Hart Family Chiro