Researchers Find that When it Comes to Diet, Quality is More Important than Quantity

When people hear the word diet, they think about cutting down food consumption. This could help you lose weight, but a new study shows that just lowering the quantity of food isn't enough. It's more important to raise the quality.

The Study

The study found that overweight or obese participants lost more weight by adding two 'nutrient bars' per day to their diet. Even though they were eating more food, they were getting more nutrition, and thus shed more pounds.

The study, published in "The FASEB Journal," suggests that just eating less might not be the answer. Nutritional deficiencies can cause problems with weight, cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.

Quality vs. Quantity

Dr. Bruce Ames, the author of the study, hopes that the findings will inspire people to adopt a more nutritious diet, rather than a more restrictive one.

If you're struggling with losing weight and managing diabetes, it might be a good idea to start thinking about what you can add to your diet. Perhaps some fresh fruit, yogurt or lean protein.

Isn't that a nice change of pace?

Photo: No Finish Line Blog