Everything's Getting Smarter These Days-- Even Socks!

You've got smart phones, smart cars, and now diabetics might be able to soon get smart socks! There's a new product in the works that would use technology to help people avoid diabetic neuropathy problems.

What Is a Smart Sock?

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is working on a sock that contains pressure sensors. These sensors would be able to register electrical signals, and any changes that might occur. The data would be transmitted to your smart phone, warning you when there is a danger.

The socks are called SenseGO. They're machine-washable and contain micro-fabricated sensors.

Professor Yaakov Nahmias says, "By giving patients and their families the tools they need to prevent the development of ulcers, we can dramatically reduce health care costs related to diabetes."

Why Do I Need a Smart Sock?

Diabetic neuropathy is the leading cause of amputation. When blood sugar levels are high, circulation problems can prevent vital nutrients and oxygen from traveling to the extremities. This can result in nerve damage that prevents injuries, such as foot ulcers, from healing.

"This is a significant medical problem that affects the lives of millions," said lead engineer Danny Bavli. "We thought there must be a way to avoid these wounds altogether."

Photo: Wise Geek