Reduce The Pain of Finger Pricking

It might hurt, but it's a necessary evil. To check those blood sugar levels, you have to give yourself those dreaded finger pricks. While they're not the worst thing in the world, who needs the pain?

Here are some tips to help decrease that pricking pain as much as possible.

Check Your Pricker

Your pricking device can make the experience something you take in stride or something you dread.

Some pricking pens allow you to dial the pressure-- try to find the optimum level that just breaks the skin enough, without going to deep.

Replace Your Lancet

Some people like to reuse lancets-- this isn't the best idea. Besides any concern about germs or false readings, your lancet will get duller and duller with each prick, making each one more painful. Use a fresh lancet each time.

Warm Up

Rub your hands together, then encase your finger in your other warm hand for a few seconds before you make your finger prick. Warmth will make the area less sensitive. Avoid pricking your finger with cold hands-- the chill will increase the sensitivity to pricks.

Squeeze It

By squeezing the finger, or pinching the area you plan to prick, you could decrease the pain when the lancet breaks the skin.

Prick the Sides

Sometimes the worst thing about finger pricking is that your finger is then irritated whenever you type, dial a phone or go about your chores. Try pricking on the sides of the finger to prevent such irritation.

Just like you change fingers, you can change sides as well, giving fingers more time to heal between pricks.

Photo: Accu Check Diabetes Link